All About Kamryn Rogers

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Meet Kamryn Rogers

My name is Kamryn Rogers. I have 2 brothers who are both older than me, and who both play baseball. I have a dog named Kinsler, who was named after Ian Kinsler. I love to play basketball ,and I also love to cheer at school football games. My favorite foods are steak, pizza, and fried chicken. I am involved in LCMS Student Council, NJHS, and I participated in UIL.

What Being A Leader Means To Me:

  • A leader is someone who is hardworking.
  • They are intelligent enough to make smart decisions.
  • A leader must be honest, trustworthy, and responsible.
  • In my opinion the most important characteristic of a leader is persistence. A leader is someone who never gives up no matter how hard it is.

Famous Influential Leaders

Leaders In My Life


Short Term Goals

  1. Get a good grade on the Science Fair
  2. Score more than 18 points on our next school basketball game
  3. Get all of my NHJS hours before Spring Break

Long Term Goals

  1. Make the high school basketball team
  2. Become a Pharmacist
  3. Go to college at Texas Tech