Holy deck boards Batman!

Our superhero product line up at Madison Wood.

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Q. Wait? Don't you call all of your treated wood MADWOOD?
A. You are right, in a general sense we do! This specific signature line is our original design to spice up the basic #1 board. We found that over the years our consumers craved a higher quality product without the price tag of premium and C-Grade material. Our team hand selects product based on appearance out of our #1 2x4 and 2x6 units without open knots and with minimal wane. By stamping the back side we are able to tell the end users the best face of the board to use for your deck. We re-mill to remove surface imperfections and raised grain for a nice eased edge appearance, add treatment and viola! A quality product for your deck or outdoor project without the premium price.

The Basics

Our signature brand, selected and milled for unsurpassed appearance
-Lumber hand-selected for appearance
-2x4 and 2x6 lumber re-milled to remove surface imperfections and raised grain
-Best side has no grade stamp

The Madison Difference
One of the questions that come to mind for our retailers is "Where does the left over #1 product that doesn't get chosen for MADWOOD end up?" That's an easy one! We send all of our #1 material that doesn't make the cut into our #2 stock. This way our #2 stock is infiltrated with a HIGHER quality product. Here at Madison quality is everything!

Select Deck

A homeowners dream. Our C-Grade Select Deck will make your mouth water with its smooth texture, clean surface and money saving advantages. Go ahead, tally up the difference between Select Deck and Composite. It's mind blowing what you can save! With Select Deck you will notice less knots than #1, about dime size, if any at all. The Madison Wood team hand-selects each piece to provide the highest 2x6 wet decking product available on the market. Because we mill each board based on appearance and not grain, kerfs are cut in the bottom to help with cupping. With Select Deck the only thing we ask is for you to sit back, relax and enjoy. Take the plunge into quality treated lumber today. Your wallet will thank you.

The Basics
High grade 2x6 decking with kerfs to relieve stress.
- C Grade: virtually clear of knots and imperfections
- Size: 2x6 in 12', 16' and 20' lengths
- No grade stamps on top side
-Kerfs on bottom side to reduce cupping
-Stabilyzr added to slow wood's moisture intake and release which can cause checking/splitting

The Madison Difference
At Madison, quality means everything. Select Deck is the highest grade of 2x6 for decking that we offer. This beautiful product is less expensive than composite and perfect for decking.
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