4th Reading and Writing Planning

Jan. 11-15 and Jan. 18-22

Reading TEKS 4.12 A, 4.5A

4.12 A-Persuasive-explain how an author uses language to present information to influence what the reader thinks or does. (Jan. 11)


  • How does the author try to convince the reader to think about ___?
  • What words does the author use to influence the reader to think as he/she does about ___?

4.5 A- Drama-describe the structural elements particular to dramatic literature. (Jan. 18)

Question stems for drama:

  • How does ___ contribute to the plot of the play?
  • Which line from the play supports the ideas that ...
  • The playwright creates a surprise by...
  • The dialogue with ___ in Scene 2 suggests that...

Vocabulary: play, scene, playwright, characters, act, setting, dialogue, drama, plot

To discuss: Words in brackets, bold print character names


1/11 continue Persuasive

1/18 and 1/25 Drama (1/27 Writing DCA)

2/1 and 2/8 Poetry

2/15 and 2/22 Theme/genre (Review for Reading DCA #2)

2/29 and 3/15 Reading DCA on 3/2

Writing TEKS 4.15 A, 4.18 A, 4.20, 4.21

  • Begin 2 week review for DCA on Jan. 11. Use questions previously given. (2 per day at the beginning of writing) This should be guided in whole group.
  • CCA on January 14-15 only for revise and edit.
  • When will you be ready to do another full composition to score?
  • Cover grammar TEKS as needed for your class.
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Social Studies TEKS 4.3 A, B and 4.17 D

(3) History. The student understands the importance of the Texas Revolution, the Republic of Texas, and the annexation of Texas to the United States. The student is expected to:

(A) analyze the causes, major events, and effects of the Texas Revolution, including the Battle of the Alamo, the Texas Declaration of Independence, the Runaway Scrape, and the Battle of San Jacinto;

(B) summarize the significant contributions of individuals such as Texians Travis, Bowie, Crockett, Childress, and Sherman; Tejanos Padilla, Espalier, Seguin, Benavides and Ruiz; Mexicans Santa Anna and Filisola and Susanna Dickinson and Esparza.

4.17 Citizenship

(D) Zavala, Rayburn, Gonzalez, Baker, Jefferson, and others