Where is Middle Earth?

South Dakota

South Dakota's Basic Information

Landscape: South Dakota has lots of bright green rolling hills as well as some mountains. There are also some big beautiful fields.

Language: Most people in South Dakota speak English.

Culture: South Dakota has influences in their culture from many different places. One cultural group that has influenced them a lot are the American Indians.


As you should now know by now, South Dakota has a landscape just like Middle Earth, and there is another big fact to support my reasoning. Everyone knows about Mt. Rushmore, but what they don't know, is that Mt. Rushmore was once the Lone Mountain. It was eroded down and they obviously carved into it, but it is still the same mountain. The Lone Mountain was a big deal back then, and it is still a big deal now.


Some people may say that South Dakota is nothing like Middle Earth, but I can prove them wrong. It never said Middle Earth was an island, and South Dakota definitely isn't. They both have the exact same landscape and the same physical features.

Additional Information


As you can hopefully see by now, South Dakota is (well, was) Middle Earth. It has all of the perfect features and aspects to be Middle Earth. I don't think there is any other place in the world that is as close to Middle Earth as South Dakota is.