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SMU Open House

Join us after school on Thursday (1/29) from 4:00 to 5:00 for an open house in the library at St. Pius to learn more about the SMU Reading Teacher Cohort!

RCS will fund tuition for 10 teachers to earn their Reading Teacher Certificate. Come learn about this fantastic opportunity for you to grow as an educator!

Click here to read more about it.

Assessment Team 2.0

Our assessment committee is evolving. The team has been a crucial part of our assessment strategy up to this point, but the committee will be changing to meet our new needs.

Now that we have the NWEA tests, we need our assessment team to focus on helping teachers use data effectively at all grade levels. To do this, the team structure is going to change. For now, we are going to downsize the assessment team to one teacher rep per school and add a Lourdes representative. Jen Good, Cheryl Zabel, Karen Gonzalez, and Matt Klebe have all agreed to continue serving on this team. The team will focus on all data related to curriculum, instruction, and assessment; therefore, we may call it the C.I.A. Team. We also would like a counselor to serve on the team to report back to the other counselors. The principals and I will also be involved along with our assessment chair/coordinator, Pam.

This year is a period of transition and learning for the team, so most changes will start next fall.

Please call or email me with any questions.


21st Century Teaching and Learning

As you know, a small task force has been looking at expanding our teaching and learning to be more focused on 21st century skills and opportunities.


  • Personalize learning opportunities for students and staff
  • Expand access to learning and resources
  • Prepare students to be leaders the 21st century, global community

How might we meet these goals?

  • Increase project based learning opportunities
  • Connect learning with students' passions
  • Provide intervention and enrichment for all students as needed
  • Create personalized, flexible curricular resources
  • Use more formative assessments
  • Engage students in creative problem-solving
  • Increase critical thinking
  • Decrease amount of busy work (i.e.-worksheets)


Summer Institute 2015-August 10th and 11th

Check out Summer Institute 2014 in the video below and mark your calendar for August 10th and 11th!
Summer Institute 2014