One day late Tuesday Tech Tip!

Alice Keeler Drive20 - Google Extension

Okay, so we're using Google Classroom...

Using Google Classroom allows you to give real-time feedback. To do this, have students open an assignment via Google Classroom. Then Click "About" , open the class folder, and assignment folder. However, this takes a little time and effort to open all the documents.

Wouldn't it be nice to open more than an individual folder? Well, here it is! Try the Drive 20 Chrome Extension, found in the Chrome Web Store. Install the Alice Keeler Drive 20 extension. Then go to the Google Drive assignment folder, click on the Drive 20 icon, and see how the documents open with one click!

If you have fewer or more than 20 students, change the options. Also, you can change the sort from A-Z, Z-A, or last modified to focus on different students. Create folders and give real-time feedback to groups of students on different days.

Make a written comment. Select a word or sentence and click the "Add a comment" icon. Decide whether students would like the comments typed for private feedback or spoken aloud, so others may benefit. You can also determine if someone hasn't written anything at all - so, change the editing to "suggestion mode" and give them a little help getting started.

Google Classroom just got easier - with Drive 20 extension!

Real Time Feedback with the Drive 20 Extension

This is the Description from the Chrome Store...

This Chrome extension works when you are in a folder in Google Drive to open up the first 20 files in the folder. For teachers, this allows reviewing student work and providing feedback quickly. Click on the Drive20 icon in the Omnibox while in Google Drive to open files.

Right, click on the extension icon to change the default from 20 files to a specified amount.

You can quickly close files by right clicking on a Chrome tab and choose "Close Tabs to the Right."