By:John Ernst

Comanche location then and now

Now: they used to live on the southern plains.

Then :this area is now part of the Texas Panhandle and Northwest Texas. You can find this on a map.

Comanches weapons

Close Range:War Hawk Club Mid Range:War Lance Long Range:Bow & Arrow Special Weapons:Scalping Knife

Comanche Food gathering and eating

The were hunter gatherers and they gathered and ate Buffalo deer elk bear and wild turkey. These high protein foods were supplemented with roots and wild vegetables such as spinach prairie turnips and potatoes and flavored with wild herbs. Wild berries and fruits were also added to the food available to the Comanche. When animals for food was scarce the tribe ate dried buffalo meat called pemmican.

Housing, religion and Government

The Comanche were in family bands they traveled in thees groups.

There religion was Christianity

they lived in tepees

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