I am not crazy, I am just sick!

I am no different than someone with cancer, I just fight a different battle.

People with psychological illnesses have an unfair stigma attached to them. Hollywood gives them a bad name with movies about psycho killers with schizophrenia, or people with Bipolar Disorder being all over the place. These are just exaggerations of what the illnesses actually are. The people with these illnesses deserve the same respect that people in wheelchairs get. Why is that people can look at someone in a wheelchair and feel sympathy, but look at someone with psychological issues and feel fear? It is mainly because we can not see that they are sick. We fear what we do not understand. This is very unfair to the people suffering. They are sick and need sympathy just like any other sick person. Next time you hear about someone with a mental illness instead of calling them crazy, ask questions and try to understand. You would be amazed at how hard their life really is.