Wellness Programme for Executives

Improve work efficiency by investing into welfare

The New Generation of Corporate Wellness

How do you ensure that your key personnel stays physically and mentally fit on the job?

Would you like to gain more insight of their performance while offering them adequate tools for development?

Ad Vitam Health Solutions Oy offers the solution: holistic & evidence-based 15-weeks corporate wellness programme to key personnel. This all-inclusive package combines wellness auditing/analytics (1), customised wellness interventions for each individual (2), and 1-on-1 coaching (3) in an innovative, practical, and educative way - never before seen in Finland!

About The Interventions

Our approach in wellness programmes is always individualised. While applying some of the traditional components such as exercise programming/coaching and nutritional advising, we induce also services like time-management & integration with continuous stress monitoring. initially, the intervention design and implementation is based on the individual's needs, motivation, external stress factors, and schedule. Let us integrate those and make it work for the organisation and employees!

"The Executive MBA of Corporate Wellness"