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Our weekly bulletin...

Each week, the Learning Team will circulate a bulletin covering all things Teaching and Learning at the Academy. Principally, the purpose of the bulletin is to keep all staff updated in terms of all the T&L news at DAA, as well as key events for your diaries connected with T&L.

Don't forget the T&L Breakfast.... WEDNESDAY MORNING in the 6th form hub

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Week 18 Focus: Three ways to react to the AFL information you receive during your lesson

What's in it for me?

  • Make **real** use of the AFL techniques we have been sharing in our TLCs
  • Establish a deeper, more purposeful learning agenda in your classroom


Use your subject knowledge and experience to pre-empt the kind of mistakes or misconceptions that your students might have. Could you have prepared a simple task/worksheet/example to give to students that might give themselves a "red" if using traffic lights, for example?

ABS does this fantastically well and is somewhat of a resident expert in this area!

Pair Up

You are bound to have students with differing levels however you perform your dipstick AFL test!

Why not pair your learners up? Simply ask greens to work with ambers and ambers to work with reds, for example? This, if course, depends on numbers and may well depend on your relationship with your group too. A risky technique but could pay off!


Could you prepare an example to be placed on the whiteboard, and give students questions to focus upon? This could be combined with NMY's levelled questioning PowerPoint slide, thereby ensuring that students are differentiated for in terms of the focus on the specific text. An example might be working on formal letter writing- a simple task may be to spot the missing feature (say, an address), whereas a higher level task may be to insert a complex sentence into the letter at an appropriate place, with an answer on a whiteboard.

The Learning Team

Danny Carr (AHT)

Andy Sammons

Kiran Ali

Emma Butterworth

Carolyn Shaw

Dates for your diary... THURSDAY TRAINING

Taxonomy of Errors with DCR and ASA

Thursday, March 6th, 3:30pm


A workshop promoting a way of giving quicker, smarter and more student-owned feedback

Teaching and Learning Post 16 with JUH, KWS and HES

Thursday, March 13th, 3:30pm


AFL with KAI and MPE

Thursday, March 20th, 3:30pm


Re-vitalise the first 20 minutes of lessons with CPE

Thursday, March 27th, 3:30pm



Thursday, April 3rd, 3:30pm

Questioning with KAI and DCR