AVID Fall Semester Exam

Quynh Nguyen (Rosie), 1-11-16, 7th grade

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Cornell Note-Taking

There's a lot of strategies that helped me through this semester and one of them is Cornell notes-taking. It is an easy tool for me to use when I need to study for an upcoming test or quiz. I can also use it to go over when I'm trying to do my homework that I got stuck on and don't have time to ask the teacher because it was already too late at night.


Other strategies are doing a TRF and participating in tutorials in class with other classmates. Connecting with other classmates via tutorials helps me in the semester because it shows that there's a lot of other people that have the same problem. Having, doing, and participating in TRF, it has helped me by being a part of my strategy that had helped me grow into more as a student this semester.


Organization has been a part in me since I found out I had a little bit of O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). It had made me become more prepared for turning in my homework on time. Without organizing my binder and everything in it and my papers in each divider, I wouldn't be having the grades I am getting and would be getting lower grades than I have before. Organizing has been there and keeping my advantage on looking for notes. Instead of having to spend 5 minutes on looking through my supplies, I could've gotten on my paper and be ready to work.

Learning Logs

Learning Logs had helped me rewind my week of learning. Even though I have only been using learning logs couple of times, I have gotten to learn and let it be useful for my learning. It had extended my learning in class and gotten my attention so I can get information to insert into my learning log.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking was a fear for me and still is. I have gotten better over the time, but I haven't reached the goal I have wanted for public speaking. Without the strategies of public speaking, I wouldn't be able to confront my peers and share them some information on what I had learned and participated in.


AVID is to aid students in preparing for college and/or university. If students needed help and think that they aren't going to be prepare enough for the education ahead of us. AVID is the help for us when we aren't trying hard enough and want to try harder for attending college.
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Next Semester

What will I do next semester to continue to grow in these areas? What I will do is the exact same thing I have been doing to accomplish my goals and leaving my ways that have been holding me back. For example, something I could do is get better at taking my notes and doing my work and not delay the work time.