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Episode 3*

It is hard to imagine that week 4 term 4 is upon us. The silly season is just around the corner. Over the recent weeks we have been hearing more and more about the new Australian Curriculum. It seems there is more and more to incorporate into our reading programs. It is now more vital to be including a wide range of multimodal texts. My aim is to provide you with some resources freely available that challenge our ideas of reading and reading response.

In the coming weeks I will be shifting the focus towards Numeracy. Thanks again for the feedback I have been receiving. It is great to see the technology word is getting out there.

Changes to technology in the school

As of Friday this week all staff and students will be prompted to put in their network username and password to access and use the internet on ipads. This is a privacy and safety measure and allows the school to know who was using the ipad and what websites they were using.

All students from Years 3-6 will be given new unique passwords sometime next week. This is another safety measure as the school becomes more autonomous with looking after the wifi network. More details to follow in week 5.

Finally, last week Brendan set up an online log book for technology maintenance. Instead of a student coming around each Monday morning for you to record any technology issues it will be done online. It was sent to you but you can also access it by clicking on the link below:

Technology Log

Check out Brendans Self help guide for more information: Adding Jobs to the Online Logbook

Website of the Week

Inanimate Alice

This website is a great find. It is a terrific example of a multimodal text. It follows the story of Alice an 8 year old girl who lives in China. The story incorporates music and animation as you travel through each story. The website provides an extensive education pack for teachers which provides lesson plans and tips on how to implement digital story reading in your classroom. There is also an application incorporated into the webite that allows students to create their own multimodal texts. Check it out! Have a look at the Inanimate Alice trailer below!

Inanimate Alice - Trailer

Brekky with the Techie - Unpacking the Program Builder

Thursday, Nov. 7th, 8am

St Anthony's Primary School, Girraween, New South Wales, Australia (Year 5 Classroom)

Due to Illness the sessions needed to be put back a week. A new tool that has been created in conjunction with the new curriculum is the 'Program Builder'. It is a fantastic tool that makes programming easier. Come along to get the information you need to get started.