Vienna-Finley Voice

September 30, 2016 Issue 8

Welcome to Vienna-Finley!

Let's Plan for the Future!

October 7- Last day to turn in Wookie-A-Thon money to be eligible for prizes

October 20 and 25- Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 21 (rain date October 28)- Wookie-A-Thon & Fall Festival

Happy Birthday!

September 26

Katie Sawin

September 27

Conner Taylor

Caden Howell

Landon Toppe

September 29

Hannah Ruth

October 3

Jessee Cochran

Bobby Shepard

October 4

Braydon Pennington

Important Information

With the cold/flu season rapidly approaching, please keep the following in mind:

-Any medication sent in for a student to take during the school day, including cough drops, requires a consent form to be completed. Sending in a signed parent note is NOT acceptable for the nurse to be able to give medications to your child.

-Prescription medications that must be given during the school day require a consent form that includes the prescribing physician’s signature as well as, the parent/guardian signature.

-Over-the-counter medications (Tylenol, cough drops, etc.) require a consent form that includes the parent/guardian signature.

Both of these consent forms can be found on the Vienna Finley website under the Parent tab. Forms are also available in the school nurses office.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school nurse.

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Parent-Teacher Conferences

On the afternoons of Thursday, October 20 and Tuesday, October 25, we will be conducting our parent-teacher conferences. The times for both conference dates will be 3:30 to 6:45 P.M. Conferences sheets will be coming home very soon. Please return your conference sheets before October 5.
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Please No Toys At School

There have been several incidents involving toys at school. Students have brought them and gotten them out during dismissal. They are distracting the students and they are unable to listen for directions at the end of the day and toys have gotten misplaced or broken. Please make sure that they do not bring toys such as rubix cubes to school unless invited to by their teacher.
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Weather Reminder

With the fall weather fluctuating please make sure that students have a jacket with them on cooler days. When it is below 50 degrees, students are not allowed outside for recess without a jacket or coat.
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Cheerleading Coaches Meeting will take place on Thursday, October 6th, 2016 @ 6:00pm.

The meeting will be held in the old Middle School Cafeteria that's connected to Central Office.

Please park in the gravel parking lot that's next to Highway 56 as you arrive and go through the side door. (Signs will be posted on door).

College GO Week!

We've had a great time learning about Indiana colleges, careers, and what we need to do now to prepare for our future. Thank you Mrs. Asdell for organizing this wonderful event!
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Second Grade Field Trip to Hardy Lake

Our second grade students went on a field trip to Hardy Lake for the Annual Hardy Lake Raptor Days festivities. They explored and learned all about the local wildlife, as well as learned about the lake and area itself.
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Kindergarten Walking Field Trip

Our kindergarten classes recently took a walking field trip to see and learn about local Scott County businesses. During the trip they visited Your Community Bank, the Scott County Fire Department, the Scott County Sheriff, the Scott County Court House and Hancock's Pharmacy. Students were greeted and given a lot of wonderful information about the community of Scott County.

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Box Tops are TREErrific!

Our box tops contest has started! The theme is "Box tops are TREErrific." Each grade has a basket that will fill up with apples as they turn in their box tops. The contest will end on Friday, October 14th. The grade with the most turned in will get to wear pajamas to school for a day!