NJH News

By: Dezmond Jones

Feature Story

The Minions Movie

In this movie, placed around the time of the dinosaurs all the way to the near end of the 20th century, the minions live through it all. The minions are little yellow creatures that live to serve evil. So when their lives feel empty, three brave minions head out to find the most evil boss they can find. Eventually, they end up working for someone. Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock) and her inventor husband hire the minions. They are promised a good life, but Kevin, Stuart, and Bob (Piere Coffin) and all of their kind, they won't stop until they get a home. Everything is going fine on their mission until… Watch the movie to see the whole story.

Minions Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Despicable Me Prequel HD

New World Record Set

On Sunday morning, construction of a candlestick tower was halfway done. This candlestick tower would either make or break one man’s career. Before the Irish jumper went to line up his jump, he stated to our onsite reporter, “I hope that if I make it over the tower I hit the landing pad and not the ground.” The whole world was watching as Jack went to make his jump. Then as Jack jumped, it almost looked like he was flying! He landed with a loud smack! The new world record was set and Jack was okay besides a sprained ankle. Jack later said that he was very shocked, and he was very surprised he made it over without serious injury. Jack was later unavailable for another interview.