Right or wrong choice

By Rachel Gubenko

In the hunger games panem was at war so snow the president of panem thought he was helping by Makei g districts but I turned into a dis topic fast the peace keepers where beating peaple this it a example of a distoipa

The different between the to is clearer then day but one can't exist with out the other if there a distoipa there will be a utopia it's the bale can but its a hazerd to every one and every thing to have to much of one.

It's also like in the hunger games Katness was the mocking jay she saw things differently then others she was considered dangerous to the community they wanted her dead in other words a utopia can not exist with out a disutopia.

Like in the giver he insurted the needle to his head aand squezed till the serum was gone slowly the baby stoped moveing and was quite he put the baby back in the tub and took and put him down a shoot as he did hesaid by by little guy .

So above all a utopia is not real peaple have tryed to make a utopia but all have failed all we can do is make our own but we have proven that the world is a mix of good and bad all we can do is try to help make the world less distopia because right now as we speak the world is out of balence.