Symbol- Al, Atomic number-13, Family- Other Metals


Group- 13

Period- 3

Atomic Mass-26.98153857

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Physical Properties

  • Protons- 13
  • Electrons- 13
  • Neutrons- 14

Where to Find it

Even though it is one of the Earth's most abundant metals, it is never found alone. All aluminum on Earth has combined with different elements to form compounds. Most commonly, it combines with aluminum oxide or potassium aluminum sulfate.


  • Is used for a multitude of things
  • Doorknobs, bridges, pop cans, shudders, ladders, railings
  • Found in just about everything
  • Sports equipment, cooking utensils, household appliances

Chemical Properties

Aluminum is a very soft metal. It is silvery in color. Even though it is thin, it is strong. In the atmosphere, it is very reactive so an oxide layer forms rapidly. Because of this, as very corrosion resistant metal.


  • Hans Christian Oersted discovered way to extract aluminum from other metals
  • 1825- way to to extract found
  • Already know metal as of 1787