By: Zak Ketcham


Copyright is when you or someone else makes a piece of work (picture, art piece, design, or any kind of software) they get a copyright when its in a tangible stage. However, if they release it into the public most file their copyright with the government.

Public domain

This is a copyright that has expired, or was created with public money, or donated by the author

an example is a site by a university


Freeware copyright is software that can be downloaded for free but is not allowed to share

an example is itunes


this is software that is free temporarily but not permanently

An example are all 30-day trials

All Rights Restricted

With this copyright you have to purchase it to use it and sign or check off on a agreement.

An example of this is pages

Open source

This copyright is software that includes its source code so it can be changed or added on to

Google Chrome is a good example