-Apoorva Singh

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Uses of operating system

  1. runs program
  2. manages devices
  3. manages applications
  4. manages software
  5. handles file permission
  6. prevents crashing
  7. provides interface between computer and user
  8. can be graphical(gui-graphical user interface)(menus and icons)or command-like(where the user types in commands)
  9. or natural language(where the user talks to the interface)
  10. memory based-gives user a selection of options
  11. memory locations could be read,modified or written to
  12. lets you manage files(make,move or delete files)
  13. co ordinate basic input and output
  14. device driver lets your computer os talk to input/output devices
  15. divides the cpu into time slots
  16. cpu also ensures security
  17. one of the major functions of os is memory management
  18. controls the BIOS
  19. a device driver is a small piece of software and it allows hardware devices to be used by the operating system
  20. os coordinates how all the other software works
  21. it divides tasks into a ‘slice of time’
  22. it prevents unauthorised access

Different types of os