Wild Wind

By: Margot St.Remy

General information on wind

What is wind?

Wind is air in movement caused by uneven heating.

What is wind caused by?

Wind is caused by uneven heating.

Local Winds

What is a local wind?

Generally move short

distances and can blow

in any direction.

How are they created?

Caused by geographic

features and uneven heating.

How does a sea breeze blow?

High pressure is created over

the ocean during the day and

low pressure over land due to

uneven heating

How does a land breeze blow?

Low pressure is created over

the ocean during the night and

high pressure over ocean due to

uneven heating

Global winds

What are Global Winds?

Global winds are winds that are in a large area of land or ocean

How are they created?

They are created by the combination of pressure

belts and the Coriolis Effect

cause global winds

What are the Horse Latitudes?

They are above and bellow the equator where

the winds are very weak.

What are the Trade Winds?

Winds that blow from

30° almost at the


What are the Prevailing Westerlies?

Wind strips found between

30° and 60° latitude.

What are jet streams?

The jet streams are

narrow strip of high

speed winds that blow

in the upper troposphere

and lower stratosphere.