Career project

By:Alex Gaspar

Future Plans

In the future I want to be living in a regular home. I would like to be a sales engineer because you can make plans for customers and help them. I wouldn't want to be rich because why want to much money I just want enough to be living off of


My name is Alex Gaspar we took a personality test and my color was gold. I am loyal, faithful, and caring I follow the rules I know what's right and wrong. I'm helpful and I believe that work comes before play. I am and enterpriser who likes to lead people and making decision.
The jobs that I picked include management, medical, engineering, operating, technolog, and law enforcement. Some are for extroverts and introverts, in does types of jobs. The jobs include science and math in the jobs I'm also not going to do the same thing all the time.
The jobs that I choose matched up with me because I want to help people, and make sure everything is all good I also want to be able to repair things. The jobs also matched up with me because science and math are easy for me and I like those subjects.
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Career choices

  1. Derrick operators, oil and gas
  2. Forest firefights
  3. Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs
  4. Solar energy installation managers
  5. Sales engineers
  6. Biofuels/biodiesel technology and product development manager
  7. Commercial pilots
  8. Emergency management directors
  9. Emergency medical technicians and paramedics
  10. Traffic technicians


The job that I would like to do is sale engineer, because it includes math which is one of the subjects I'm good at. I like to plan and help people, but I would also like to sell products or goods. It requires talking with sales team, which means working as a team, and understanding a customers requirement. Also instead of just sailing products or goods we would aslo be helping the customers.


The school that I choose is the University of Florida, because it's not too expensive as the other schools, and instead of getting an associates degree I rather get a bachelors. I want a bachelors because it will make me look better when I go for an interview. It will aslo give me more knowledge because an associates would require me to go to school for two years and a bachelors I would go for four years, but what I can do is go to a community college for two years and transfer to a university for two years and I will have completed the four years. It will finally make me capable of overseeing big companies.
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For my annual salary needed its 35,496 dollars which is good becuase in my job I'm going to be making 96,340 dollars per year. When I pay the 35,496 dollars im going to have 60,844 dollars left over.