All cool at CCMS

How long until Christmas break?!?!?

One more week until break.

Keep your grades up.Be safe on traveling and see you in 2016,before you go to Christmas break be sure to have all work turned in.

why is CCMS the best school ever?

CCMS is the best school ever because we have on of the best principal his name is Kurt Sloper in the two years I have been in CCMS I never want to leave, this is the best school ever!!!All of the teachers have set a very good example on me that is why I love this school so much.

Seven things what I like about this school.

  1. Great teachers
  2. amazing students
  3. we get our own chrome
  4. we get to have fun in classes
  5. we have a vending machine
  6. We get to play sports
  7. when we play sports we also get to travel
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Our principal

This is Mr.Sloper he is one of the best principal I ever had Mr.Sloper sets a good example on all the students,Mr.Sloper is good at his job and he should keep his job.
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our vice principal

This is Mrs.Boner,Mrs.Boner tries to keep every one safe.She is a good person the reason she is a good person is because she would do anything to keep us safe.She should never quiet her job.


Thursday, Dec. 17th, 4pm

Small gym @ CCMS

Come to the basketball game Colts V.S. Culver


Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 3:30pm

Small Gym @ CCMS

Come to the Basketball game colts V.S. culver