Hong Kong Democracy Protests

by Sammie P, Kieran R, and Ainsley B

What's the Problem?

Of course, the major issue here is money, as the government doesn't want to decrease the cost of living conditions for students. However, the other issue nearly as big as that is that the government is trying hard to maintain utter power over their citizens, which is why other citizens of China besides students are protesting.
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The Umbrella Revolution

The Umbrella Revolution was a series of sit-in-street protests that occurred in Hong Kong from September 26th to December 15th in 2014.
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Summary of Events

In summary, the Hong Kong democracy protests, otherwise known as the Umbrella Revolution, all started on problems with money. The Umbrella Revolution was a series of protests made by citizens and students of Hong Kong who are protesting against the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress' (NPCSC) decision on the proposed electoral reform for the planned 2017 Hong Kong Chief Executive election. What that plan means is that the NPCSC would use a nomination committee which pre-approves three electoral candidates before the general population would get to vote. After one would get elected, they still have to get appointed by the central government. This was originated in the 3rd largest financial center of the world, Hong Kong. It has helped create more protests today. Inequality has developed in the fact that young people are underplayed and their wages haven't been raised since 2001. The political response of these events are that students are holding pro-democracy protests. They are wanting free elections, better house pricing because of their minimal wage.. The government finally responded by lowering income for people born after 1980.