The Red Baron

By: Konner Bailey

Manfred "The Red Baron" Von Richthofen

Manfred was born on May 2, 1892. He was born to a Persian family, he learned to hunt at an early age with his father. His first flying squadron was the 69th Flying squadron, he first started flying as a reconnaissance flyer, later to become a bomber.

Early War Service

His first flying encounter with an English airplane was on September 15, 1915 but ended without real damage to either plane but gunner Richthofen and pilot Zeumer both thought that the other could have handled the combat better. Still determined to get into the action of the skies, he started pilot training in October, 1915, making his first solo on the 10th of october. He damaged the plane on landing and had to take more training at Doberitz. He finally passed his flying exam of Christmas day.
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His Flying Service

The Red Baron earned his fame as a World War I ace fighter pilot. After starting the war as a German cavalry officer on the Eastern Front, Red Baron served in the infantry before seeking his pilot’s license. He transferred to the Imperial Air Service in 1915, and the following year began to distinguish himself in battle. The leader of a squadron known as the Flying Circus, Manfred developed a formidable reputation in his bright red Fokker triplane. He was credited with 80 kills before being shot down, his legend as the fearsome Red Baron enduring well after his death. the man who shot him down is still a mystery.