Pakistan Basics

By: Emma Whitlow



The Pakistan capital is Islamabad. Pakistan is located on the continent Asia.
In Pakistan they have their own personal flag, it looks like a crescent moon with a star. The moon and the star are both symbols of their religion.



Pakistan has a 650-mile long coast-line along the Arabian Sea along with many others.


Pakistan is home the worlds' highest mountains, the Himalayas!!!


Some of Pakistan's' landmarks include Badshahi Mosque was constructed between 1671 and 1673, when it was built it was the largest Mosque in the world. It was built under the guidance of Fidia Khan Koka.

Geography Vs. Humanity

The environmental issues are great problems for Pakistan, for the nature and nation. They have a large amount of consumers on the fossil fuels, although the government takes pride in protecting the environment.


Government Type

Pakistan can be considered a democratic country.


Mamnoon Hussian has been the president of Pakistan since 2013 and continues to lead.


Presidents are elected by the people in Pakistan.

Citizen Rights

Protection of property rights, Security of Person, Safeguard as to Arrest & Detention and more.



There has been a decline in Pakistan, making it more and likely for poverty to occur.


Pakistani Rupee is the currency used in Pakistan.

Main Exports

Primary export commodities include textiles, leather goods, sports goods, chemicals and carpets/rugs.


In Pakistan their life expectancy is 67.39 years, ranking 139th in the world, but to try and make up for that they have a 57.9% literacy rate and a 22.58 births/1,000 population (2015) Ranked 71st in the world. In many countries there are many sources of water, but in Pakistan there are only two main ones, natural and artificial.


Tradition Pakistan Clothing

Pakistan clothing usually refers to ethnic clothing worn by individual people in Pakistan. Pakistan clothes express their culture.

Major Languages

Urdu and English are the most commonly used languages used in Pakistan.


Pakistan music is a mix of classical music, jazz rock and rock and more.


Pakistan has some of the holidays that we have, like new year's, but they also have some that are not celebrated anywhere near here like Shab e-Meraj.


Islam and Muslims are the state religions of Pakistan, The Muslims are largely divided into two sects, Sunni Islam and Shia Islam.


International cuisine and fast food are popular in the cities. Blending local and foreign recipes. They have food like ours, and food that is completely different.


In Pakistan they enjoy many kinds of music, especially patriotic music of Pakistan. "The CD entitled “Aai Watan”, consisted of six patriotic songs, was sung by five legends. He rearranged them into same joyful but in different themes and contained the same old lyrics."


General Weather Conditions

In Pakistan it is usually 63 degrees Fahrenheit

Pakistan Yearly Rainfall

The yearly rainfall in Pakistan is 17.6 inches.

Pakistan: How does the little water affect it

The little amount of water in Pakistan can make it hard for life, but they can still make due. The availability of water is low.


Historical events

In Pakistan there are many historical events, like in 75 BC the arrival Scythians. Or in 185 BC when Bactrian Greeks conquered North-West Pakistan.

Pakistan Vs. USA


Pakistan and The United States are completely different countries, but there are some similarities, like some of their holidays, for example New Years and New Year's Eve. But that isn't the only thing that they have in common, another is the popular music in the two countries, from hard rock to smooth jazz they both have it all. There are more similarities that I haven't mentioned though.


They are two completely different countries as I said though they may have much in common there are many differences two, like the popular cuisine, in America there is all different types, but in Pakistan the main one is international cuisine and fast food are popular in the cities. Another difference that can be named is the main religions in both countries, in the United States the main one is Christianity, but in Pakistan the main ones are Sunni Islam and Shia Islam.