By: Periann Larsen


Rice is small white or brown grain that comes from a Southeast Asian plant
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Where rice is grown

- India

- Indonesia

- Pakistan

- Philippines

- Korea

- Japan

- China



- Protein

- Syrup

- Starch

- Oil

- Flour

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Planting/ Harvesting

-March farmers begin to prepare for planting

-Fields are leveled and fertilized and planted into the shallow furrows

-By September fields are ready to be planted

-You can plant the rice by plane

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-Rice reaches about 3 feet farmers are careful and make sure they only have 5 inches of water by summer

-Before harvest fields must be drained

-Each acre will yield about 8000 pounds of rice


-Rice goes to mill after being harvested

-The hull is first removed leaving brown rice

-White rice comes after you take off the bran layers

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-Water Weevil

could prevent by pesticides or by treating the field

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  • You can plant rice by airplane

  • 1 acre will yield about 8000 pounds of rice

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