End of Year Report: Spring 2014

CISD Initiatives - CG3, iWest & Elementary Club 21


Board Meeting


Effect of Technology on Engagement

Technology Increases Learner's Ability to Communicate with the Educator

Technology Increases Learner's Organization and Productivity

Degree of Distractibility During Technology Use

Frequency of iPad Use

Learner has Access to More Up-to-Date Information When Researching With an iPad

Learner has Greater Access to a Variety of Materials and Resources When Using an iPad

Learner's Creativity and Choice is Greater When Using an iPad

Opportunities for Learner Reflection are Greater When Using an iPad

Opportunities for Collaboration Between Learners is Greater When Using an iPad

Suggested Support for Educators

Challenges + Plan = Improvement!

“For a long time, we have been finding that when organizations try something new, even if there has been some preimplementation preparation, the first few months are bumpy. How could it be otherwise? New skills and understanding have a learning curve.

- Change Leader by Michael Fullan

Educator Panel


Sam Neal - CHS English/Language Arts Educator

Alissa Womack - CHS Foreign Language Educator

Stu Johnson - CHS Social Studies Educator

Michael Vergien - CHS IB English/Language Arts Educator


Laila Sanguras - Middle School West English/Language Arts Educator

Shari Zoda - Middle School West Social Studies Educator

Kritima Lamichhane - Middle School West 8th Grader

Trey Everson - Middle School West 8th Grader

Club 21

Nancy Benton - Cottonwood Creek Elementary 5th Grade Educator

Nick Conenraad - Wilson Elementary 5th Grade Educator