Fifteenth Summer

Michelle Dalton


"Josh reached over and took my hand, but like my small talk, it felt forced." Fifteenth Summer is about a young girl going to her grandmas house after her passing thinking everything would be bad. Throughout the summer she has had a summer fling. Soon she'll have to leave it all behind and go back to sunny California.


I started reading this novel not really knowing what to expect. I just thought, "Hey look another summer story." Once I started reading the book, I honestly could not put it down. The structure of the book was great. Everything fit together very well. The placing of the novel, plot and characters were so on point. Many of the reasons why I liked enjoyed this book because it has many reasons to it. Chelsea is not only insecure about herself, but is trying to get over a hard patch in her life. By the end of the summer she was able to get over all her problmes. I thought it was going to be some what bad but it was really enjoyable and on of my favorites that I've read in a while.