Mindfulness and Meditation

Blending Modern Day Science with Ancient Tibetan Buddhism

Mindfulness and Meditation

Instructor: Renee Pitts
Co-sponsored by Mindful Ohio & The Yoga Room
Wednesdays, June 11th to August 6th
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Donation-based course
Suggested donation: $10-$15/ class or $80 for the entire course

The practice of being completely in the moment, in an open, aware, non-judgmental, and relaxed way. The practice of mindfulness is to bring these qualities into every aspect of your life.

Mindfulness and meditation are a practice of self-discipline that can lead to a sense of well-being and an open acceptance of life.

This 9 week course will take you through the basics in the philosophies of the practices, offer in-class experience in meditation, with the added benefit of working with a group as you delve deeper into your own mind.

About Your Instructor:
Renee Pitts has a B.A. in Biology from Youngstown State University and is currently working on her M.S.Ed. in Counseling at Youngstown State. Renee has studied meditation techniques for over 20 years under several teachers in the United States, and has traveled to India, Nepal, and Tibet to study. Renee returns to the Yoga Room to offer this popular class that she debuted with us last summer!

Who is Eligible for the Course:
Anyone interested in mindfulness and meditation practices wanting to pursue wholeness and wellness; no previous experience with meditation necessary. Renee suggests that, for optimal benefit, you take part in all nine weeks of the course, although drop-ins can certainly be accommodated at the instructor's discretion at any time during the course.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Wednesday, June 11th, 7pm to Wednesday, Aug. 6th, 9pm

815 Youngstown Warren Rd #13


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