Tiger Press

San Marcos Elementary

Weeks of Sept 28th and Oct. 5th

Important Dates


2:30 Kinder Homework Meeting


9:15 Go for the Gold Opening Ceremony

3:15 Yoga starts (in ID2 classroom)

3:30 EEI Meeting in MPR


7:45 School Site Council

2:30 PLC Meetings


6:00 Math Night for Parents with Mrs. Holmes


8:45 Primary Flag

9:30 4th Grade Shadow a Tiger Math Morning



CELDT Testing begins

9:00 Stephane to DO


CELDT Testing

2nd grade teachers to JAL for Math

9:00 PTO Board Meeting

2:30 PLC Meetings


8:15 Bonnie Denny's Baby Shower (in the workroom)

CELDT Testing

Math TOSAS on site for 4th/5th - schedule coming

2nd grade new teachers to ELA/ELD training


8:45 Upper grade flag

1:00 Fundraiser Kickoff

10/11 Janet Zavala birthday (Cafeteria)

CELDT Testing

Tiger Tid-Bits

  • A HUGE thank you to all the teachers who stayed for our SME Carnival. A big thank you to those who helped in the set up, during and clean up. We appreciate all your support. The students loved seeing their teachers after school hours.
  • Another thank you to our CSUSM teacher candidates. The also helped at the carnival, they helped set up tables, run booths and chase the ZORB around all night. THANK YOU!
  • If you see our PTO moms around, please make sure to give them a big thank you. The carnival is a major undertaking and they worked extremely hard to make such a successful night.
  • Thank you to our 5th grade team, they stepped up to teacher ID2 when our rover sub did not show. Thank you to the other grades who offered as well.
  • It has been pretty awesome to walk into classrooms these past two weeks. We have seen so many wonderful things taking place. Students working on inquiry journals, in guided reading groups, students close reading passages, working on CELDT practice, in a number talk, working on their passion projects and so much more. Both Rolayne and I are impressed with the level of instruction and the active participation by students.


  • If you haven't taken a moment to introduce yourself to Yesenia Diaz, our new community liaison, please do so. You will be happy you did. She already has made a big impact on what we do at SME, helping families feel connected. Her hours are posted on her door (Harry Potter closet under main staircase).
  • The Professional Development Institute (PDI) offers online courses on the topics most critical for teachers including common core, educational technology, anti-bullying, classroom management, test-taking skills, and much more! PDI has a special offer for teachers at San Marcos Elementary School. Please forward this e-mail to your teachers so they may receive 10% off their course registration and credit fees using the code provided below. Code: trypdi Every PDI course is approved for post-baccalaureate credit through the prestigiousUniversity of California San Diego Extension. UCSD is WASC-accredited and is ranked in the top ten universities in the United States. Teachers who register for a course with credit receive an official UCSD transcript upon successful course completion. You can obtain more information about PDI, along with a topical outline for every course, at our website located at www.webteaching.com. Thank you for sharing this important information with your teachers!

  • We know sometimes it is hard to get into the routine of going out to duty. Please use alarms or timers to help you remember to get out on time. We need you out there when it is your turn, we count on you.
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