Rhode Island

It's a awesome place

Things To Do And See

There are art galleries if you like art, colleges if you are going to college, and even some preforming arts. You could go to the Roger Williams park zoo, have a picnic, go golfing, you can fish, go on a boat ride, go to the beach, and even shop there too. You can learn about science and nature, go to farrms and gardens, go on nature walks, go paddling, and also hunting.

Back In The Old Days

About The Rhode Island Colony

Let's talk about what the people in Rhode Island used to do. The kids of course went to school but it was way diffrent from now. More boys went to school more aften then girls. And when they went to school they went to there teachers house instead of a normal school. The kids learned how to read and write. And now lets talk about what the men and women used to do. The men often hunted for food to feed their family, and while the men were hunting, the women did the landry and cooked.

Why You Should Vist Rhode Island

You should vist Rhode Island because it's a wonderful place. There is alot of things to do and see there and also a great history about it. That's why you should vist Rhode Island.