The 3 branchs

by seth, joe,and samantha

The Executive Branch

The people included in the Executive branch are. The congress and the president. what the risibility is. To veto bills and to be in charge of the military. Fact about branch the delegates that wrote the constitution and they did not want the united states to have a leader that had alot of power.

The Legislative Branch

The people that are included in the branch. The Senate. the legislative branch is responsible for making all the laws. The constitution is separated into seven articles. If the president signs a bill it becomes a law. Two-third the Senate have to vote on approving a treaty between united states and one other country.

The Judicial Branch

The people included in the Branch. Are the nine judges. What the branch is responsible. For the Supreme court. The Judicial branch is the 3rd branch. The court's leader the chief judge. The branch has the power to review and they can comment on treaty.


We got our sources from social studies alive America's past Tci.