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Cooking With Fish

How To Properly Season A Fish

By, Gage Fluette

Not everyone knows what the best way to season a fish is or how to get the best results. Some people know but don't have the best items that you need to do it. To get the best results, it's simply 5 steps. This will tell the best steps, and why fish is a good source of protein.

The best steps are as follows. First, pick the fish that you want to make, then put it in the vacuum bag (that came with the product). Now the second step is to put the recommended seasons into the bag (white wine, old bay, etc.). Then vacuum seal the bag shut. This compacts the fish so all the seasons get deep into the fish. The third step is to put the bag in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes for best results. Letting food marinate lets the flavor soak in making the flavor deep and rich. Finally, the fourth step is to cook the fish. On the stove top cook the fish for 10 minutes (5 min. each side). On the grill cook the fish for 5 minutes or in the oven for 10 minutes. Then enjoy the best cooked fish!

"Fish is a good source of vitamin B12, rich in iron, and it contains 20 grams of protein per 3 ounce serving,the same as meat"(Ask Dr. Sears). Now some delicious sides are, Celery alla parmigiana, Hasselback potatoes with honey and Gorgonzola, and Gennaro's pork and onion stuffing. Most people have white wine with theirs.But there are a lot more to have.

Genetically Modified Organismics..... Huh?


By, Gage Fluette

For Thousands of years now people have been Genetically modifying food to get better tasting foods, being resisted to selective diseases, and making more food selections. About 70% of the food we eat every week is a product of GMO(Genetically Modified Organisms). GMO is a process, where you pick the desired gene, then the find it, then the cut it Then the shot it into the seed of the plant that you want to have that gene.

I'm Pro GMO, because you get better foods, more foods, and also plants that are resistant to disease. I believe that GMO is needs to be done to help mankind to grow, in the feature. With GMO growing more and more popular, the feature for GMO is impossibly avoidable. 70% of all foods is part of GMO meaning in the near future it will be doubled or tripled. GMO does not deal with chemicals in the new foods only the natural chemicals. I love GMO because it's a process that you get to deal with, in meaning, you get to experiment and make new foods.

In conclusion I believe that GMO needs to grow, needs to be put into more plants. GMO is not Harmful, it contains no chemicals, it's 90% safe. The reason I say 90%, is that the process can mess up if you do the wrong segment of the gene. Scientist have been doing this for hundreds of years, and the technol is growing every month. This means the process is going to be easier, faster, and 100% safer. Go pro GMO today.

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