NISD is Growing Rapidly

McCoy C., Zachary D., Jordan P., Colin B., Angel B.


There is rapid growth in NISD, so we are destroying natural habitats and we are finding animals in inappropriate places. This is because the amount of students is increasing and we are having to build new schools.


We can put up traps there and then we can put the animals in the back of a truck and relocate them to the same habitat they were in but somewhere else.

3 benefits If you follow our plan:

1. If you follow animals will not come in the school.

2. Animals won't get hurt.

3. Animals might not hurt YOU.

3 consequences if you don't follow

1. Maybe animals will come in to the school.

2. Animals will get hurt or perish.

3. Animals could hurt YOU.


All pictures are from a model McCoy, our Project Manager, made at home and his dad took pictures.