Welcome New Stylists!

So glad you jumped on board!

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Welcome to the #sdglowingstones!

Welcome to the Glowing Stones family! We couldn't be more excited to have you!

Stella & Dot was created by bold, joyful women to help YOU style your life! I'm so excited to have you on our team and share some of my top tips to get your business up and running. Challenge yourself to go all in and give this little company your best try. You might just find you are onto something really big!

You are officially in business. You are an entrepreneur and while you are in business for yourself, you are not by yourself. We work together as a team to help make everyone stronger. The hub of ALL our action is on our team Facebook page, The Glowing Stones - Krista Demcher Team Page. There you'll find tips, inspiration and fun flash incentives! This is a great place to know the other women on our team and to network, connect, learn and grow. This is your boardroom, so be sure to check in there daily!

As our CEO, Jessica Herrin shares, "your new stylist investment would not even be enough for a mannequin in a cute boutique". You are so much smarter as you just invested in a growing, soon to be billion dollar business. While our press is huge, we are simply tiny compared to the size we will be because of smart stylists just like you and irresistible product.

My goal is to help you stay on course and work towards your goals and define your success. Make sure to take a look at the check list to follow and work with your sponsor and upline to help you get started. We are so excited to be your business partners!

Raising a glass and toasting your future success!

Meet your Glowing Stones Leadership Team!

Connect and Learn!

So much of our training, inspiration and tips come from Facebook groups - these are a great hub of information! Here are some that are not-to-be missed:

The Glowing Stones: our team group and your virtual boardroom. Check in here daily! (And check out the Files section at the top for lots of great email templates!)


S&D Stylist Sneak Peek: Team Glowing Stones: this FB page is aimed at those still considering our Stylist opportunity! As you start sharing your excitement about Stella & Dot, add any friends that might be interested in doing what you do as a Stylist! We have FB chats and live videos on Mondays at 9pmEST for prospective stylists to chime in and ask questions!


Glam Goldies: your second upline Star Director Heather Krout's team page - full of fun!


S&D Style Boss 2017 - Kudos, Tips & Recognition Only: a Home Office run group for all stylists.


**If you need to be added to any of these groups, ask your upline!

We have FUN!

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You're OPEN For Business!

Set up and Displays: You will find some great tips for your accessory display in SDU. Build out your collection as fast as possible and maximize your Jump Start rewards! It's up to you if you want to invest in Stella & Dot display pieces and avoid shopping around for others. I do love our displays, but you can find some great other pieces in any craft store, Home Goods, etc. If you have to decide between jewelry or display pieces, pick JEWELRY and use a clean neutral table cloth and our cute boxes and signs to highlight your display. Your best display is your guest's neck!

How many pieces do I need? A successful trunk show can have 7 pieces or 70 pieces. When you have fewer items your excitement and our beautiful Look Book is your best tool!

Business Cards: StellaDotPrintShop and Vistaprint have great options. I actually use our Mini Look Books as my business cards - I simply label them with my information and pass them out. So much more eye catching than a small rectangular card! :)

LABEL EVERYTHING with your Personal Website (PWS) and contact information!

Update your email signatures and social media accounts to show that you are OPEN for business.

Create a "Who Do You Know List" and include everyone you can think of. This is a big 'brain dump' of EVERYONE you know. If they are female and breathing, add their name! :) They are all going to fit into your business as a Stylist, Hostess, Client or Referral Partner.

Stellaverse: Self teach and master the "Words to Say" while making them your own.

New Stylist Guide: Open up this magazine and use it. What a beautiful business plan!

Send out an "I'm OPEN" email to everyone you know!
Feel free to use this for inspiration but make it your own. You want it to sound like your voice not mine:)


Hi Ladies!

I'm writing to let everyone know that I just launched a new business that brings together two of my favorite things.... girlfriends and jewelry! My love for accessories started shortly after XXXXXXXXXX and I was looking for a way to update my wardrobe, and bring some style into my busy life. For me, jewelry was the answer and it's given me confidence, happiness and now an exciting excuse to hang out with old friends and meet new ones too!

I decided to become a Stella & Dot stylist because their jewelry is so stylish and chic. Already I can tell this company is special and I know I'm in for an exciting ride! If you've never heard of a trunk show, which I'm pretty sure most of you have, basically I bring all the irresistible jewels to your home for a fun and casual girl's night or afternoon pop up shop. On average hostesses earn $250 in free jewelry and 50% off additional pieces, but it's about so much more than free jewelry.... It's a fun style session where friends catch up and sip wine while playing dress up with the latest trends in accessories. And the best part is that everyone leaves, even with the purchase of a simple pair of studs, having had fun and feeling more confident and fabulous!

You can check out my website using this link: www.stelladot.com/YOURLINK and if you like what you see, email me and I'll send you a look book. Or better yet.... call me and we'll find a date on the calendar that's perfect for you and your friends to get together (and by the way, I'll travel for "work" as an excuse to see you ladies). And if you see something you "need" immediately, you can always place orders directly through my website 24/7 and they'll arrive on your doorstep in 3-4 business days, in adorable packaging, with a delight guarantee and free return shipping!

If you know someone who would make a good hostess or would love to join me as a stylist on this exciting adventure, just let me know! I truly appreciate any referrals and will reward them with sparkly things! I hope you're all having a great summer! Thanks for your support :)



JUMPSTART: Your First 60 Days!

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Whatever your goal may be, I would always kick it up a notch during your first 60 days in Jumpstart! Why should you do this??

- You'll meet so many new customers that will lead to MORE future trunk shows!

- Once you've sold $1000, you'll start earning FREE product credits! The more you sell, the more freebies you'll get! Do this in your first 30 days and you'll get an extra $100 in product credits as your Quick Start Bonus!

- You'll make your investment back super quick and you'll start earning profits!

- You'll have a BLAST!!!

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Doing the 10-4 Makes It Easy

Make follow up work in a digital world with the 10-4 system. Print your 10-4 tracker, and go about reaching out to 40 to book 4 Style Sessions this month.

Here is an example of the words to say - just personalize them to make them your own:

Touch 1: “It was so great meeting you, and I can’t wait to hear how you’re rocking your
new arm party! Remember the new style I said was coming – it’s here! AND summer
faves are going strong too. I’d love to show you in person – and it’s really fun to get a
few girlfriends together and shop together. I’ve got a few hot dates available – Sunday
the 9th and Thursday the 13th if you’re open. Let me know what you think - would be so

Touch 2: 2-3 Days later - Hey there! Wanted to quickly pop in and invite you to a Stylist
Sneak Peek Facebook event my team is doing week. We share about the Stylist
Opportunity if that’s something that interests you but there’s always great info, a fun
giveaway, and tons of style sneak peeks that I bet you’d love seeing. Here’s the link
(insert team link) I would love to hear if you decide to check it out!

Touch 3: 7 Days later, reconnect - Summer life can get crazy so I wanted to circle back
with you so we don’t miss connecting-I don’t know about you, but I respond to
messages in my head all the time and then realize they never got typed! I’ve still got
that date – should we chat?

Touch 4: 14 Days later close the loop - I’m so sorry we haven’t been able to catch up!
Why don’t I let you know the next time I have something I know you’ll love? In the
meantime, I’m just a text away if I can help with any summer style fun. Xo!
Add her to your tracker to reach out again in 2 months.

*You can find an updated tracker for each month by searching "10-4 Tracker" in Stellaverse.

Use This Tracker to Keep Yourself Accountable Each Month!

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Reach out to your prospective hostesses with a VERY PERSONAL message! Let them know why you think they would be a great hostess. Mention a few pieces that you think they would love!

It's been my experience that the more PERSONAL you are the better! Posting a mass message on Facebook that you are looking for hostesses or emailing a mass message, usually does not work. People do not feel obligated to get back to you.

When sending a personal warm email...follow up in a few days by CALLING and letting them know you would LOVE to offer them a fun hour of style!

CHASE the NO! Did you know that for every 10 people you contact, only ONE will book! That's a LOT of no's, right?? Go for it!

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Fortune is in the FOLLOW UP!

Don't let a 'no, not right now' or a no response to an email/phone call get you down! Keep these people in the loop and continue to reach out...you'll usually need four or more contacts to seal the deal!
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Use this guide to walk through step by step what you need to do next! From invites to follow up, it's all HERE! (Must be signed into Facebook to view).

Sponsoring: Bring a Friend Along!

You are ready and we are going to help you. It is so much fun to bring your friends along. Who would you love to have as a business partner that you can chat with frequently, set goals together and enjoy the rewards of travel, fun and friendship? We'll be celebrating you at Lead Stylist, Associate Stylist, Senior Stylist and higher!

How do you have sponsoring conversations? Listen to a great call for first time sponsorers with our VP of Training, Danielle Redner:


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I'm here for YOU!

Please know that I am here to help you anytime! Feel free to text, call, or email me with any questions. We are all in this together!

Welcome and GOOD LUCK!


Krista Demcher

Star Director, Mentor, Trainer: The Glowing Stones