Basic Training

By: Sarah Wutke

What is Basic Training?

My definition- A required course to get into the service

Technical definition- The initial period of training for new personnel, involving intense physical activity and behavioral discipline.

6 things you should know before you commit to Basic Training

  1. Be mentally strong
  2. Your minimum isn't going to cut it
  3. Prepare yourself for something different
  4. Be physically strong
  5. Don't be afraid
  6. Be ready for little communication with family

Daily Schedule

Wake up (early)

Physical training (still early)


Training (all morning)


Training (all afternoon)


Drill Sergeant's time (more training)

Personal time

Bed time

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Benefits of Basic Training

  • Gets you ready for your branch of service
  • Can teach you life skills
  • While you're training they pay you
  • If you serve enough years you get health care when you retire


When you leave for Basic Training that's the last day you see your family and friends for eight and a half weeks. The only communication you will have is writing letters and possibly two phone calls throughout your whole trip.


On your final days at BMT your family can come down and watch you graduate. You will have a series of events to perform in front of your family and friends.

After Graduation

After you graduate from BMT you will move on to your Tech School where you will learn about the job you will be performing in the military.

My Reaction

I really liked doing this project because it was something that I wanted to learn about because I have a friend that is going into the Air Force and going to Basic Training. I thought it was neat to learn about what it really is and how it works.


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