The American Revolution


How could thirteen disorganized American colonists win a war and revolution against England, the greatest economic and military power of the 1700's?

The Americans won the revolution, because of many reasons. One of the reasons is because of the army they had, the Americans had a great put-together army. They had strengths in this war, some of them were: their commander, they did receive some help and their patriotism, all of that just gave them a bigger and better chance to have a victory. Although some people do have those strengths, everyone has weaknesses. The Americans problem was that they didn't have very much men to fight the battle with. They also weren't that good of being trained. People do say the British had a great military but, they did have some bumps in the road. Beginning with poor leadership, and King George. The British Army did have a better whole of an army. Being well trained and well supplied, that did out number the Americans.

Now on to reason number two! The Americans had such good strategy and help from others, that's what brought them closer and actually got to win the war. The French sent 5,000 troops over to the Americans to join them and help them win. Now the Americans did have a higher percentage of help! They actually thought about what to do, before going out and doing it which brought good strategy! George Washington (leader of Continental Army) had a great strategy for as the war progressed! That was to keep away from large battles, and he wrote Congress!

The American Revolution did impact and affect other parts of the world, read below or at the bottom of this flyer to learn more. A victory for the Americans did make them feel better about themselves. They knew that they could fight together in a big war and not get defeated so easily. They knew that what was coming could be a big or small battle to fight.

The American Revolution is an important thing to learn about!

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Some important people in the American Revolution

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Asked Questions

Who won the American Revolution?

Did they have hospital care back then in the war?

What weapons did they use?

How many people were in one of the armies fighting?

What did the people fighting wear?

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American Revolution comes to an end!

THE AMERICANS WON!! But this war did impact and affect other people in the world. One was that it thrilled liberals in Europe. Another is, The British people didn't think it was going to end this way. It took a while for everything to sink in. They did have to realize that they can't win at everything! The Americans did deserve to win the war because although they didn't have many men to fight it, they had mind and power, good strategy and help, leadership and pride.