BBCOR baseball bats

What effects do they have?

Personal Narrative

Dear Diary,

Today marks the middle of my junior season playing baseball at the University of Texas! New this year they introduced the BBCOR bats. In my first two years my batting averages were .280 and .320, now this year it has dropped to .250!:( It has way less pop and they purposely designed it to make the game more defensive. At least I am not the only one that has been affected the worst and I have still managed to move up in the line up to second. I am starting to get used to it and hopefully it starts to get better in the second half of the season but until then, goodbye.


Newly introduced is the BBCOR bats

They have way less pop

Someone not using them well is the Wildcats

The # of homeruns at the CWS hit a major drop

It is used in high school and above

Before there was too much offense

It has not received much love

But now there is too much defense

It is very similar to a bat made of wood

I wish they would go back to the old

I really think they should

It would make hitting more fun