21 Pilots

By Kayden Buffington

Meet the Crew

"Why should I listen to 21 Pilots?", you may ask. Well, they are an American Duo, and the genres they play are electropop, alternative hip-hop, and indie pop.


The band 21 Pilots is famous in the musical world because they were signed by "Fueled by Ramen", and they got 10 musical awards, 2 of which were MTV Music Awards.


The band 21 Pilots originally was a trio. It formed by college friends in 2009. The band formed in Columbus, Ohio, and use to have the members Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas, and Chris Salih. The name formed from a book about a man in World War who knew he was giving the 21 pilots faulty parts, causing them to die.
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"Sometimes quiet is violent."

-Section from the song "Quiet is Violent"

Musical Accomplishments

The band 21 Pilots from 2013 - 2015 received 2 MTV Music Awards, 7 AP Music Awards, and a Teen Choice 2015 Award. Also, their album Blurryface had 500,000 purchases worldwide.

Fun Facts

Tyler Joseph plays 10 instruments which are, lead vocals, the piano, ukulele, bass, keyboards, synthesizer, and key-tar. Josh plays drums. Nick played bass guitar and keyboards, and Chris played drums. Tyler was born December 1, 1988. Josh was born June 18, 1988, and they are both 27 years of age. Finally, their second self-release, Regional at Best, came out July 8, 2011.
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The 21 Pilots Regional at Best concert.

Concluding the Story

You may be wondering, "Where is 21 Pilots now?" Well, they are alive and thriving. They are producing and have confirmed tours up until August 2016. That's a long time.