1. Knights

Life as a Knight

2. Chivalry

the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms. (dictionary.com)

2. Knight

(in Europe in the Middle Ages) a man, usually of noble birth, who after an apprenticeship as page and squire was raised to honorable military rank and bound to chivalrous conduct. (dictionary.com)

2. Middle Ages

the time in European history between classical antiquity and the Italian Renaissance (from about 500 a.d. to about 1350): sometimes restricted to the later part of this period (after 1100) and sometimes extended to 1450 or 1500. (dictionary .com)

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3. Knights the Main topic

3. Knights worked for a lord by protecting him/her. In exchange for land, food, and shelter. They work as the soldiers of the Middle Ages.

4. Two intersting statements

Fact 1. Most people lived on a manor, which consisted of the castle, the church, the village, and the surrounding farm land. (Learner.org) Fact 2.
In this "feudal" system, the king awarded land grants or "fiefs" to his most important nobles, his barons, and his bishops, in return for their contribution of soldiers for the king's armies. (Learner.org)

5. Two questions about Knights

Question 1. What is the Knights code called? Answer 1. Chivalry.

Question 2. Who do most Knights work for? Answer 2. Lords (landowners), and their King.

7. Knights make me think of soldiers or warriors

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