EHMS Tech Tuesday

Apps & Web 2.0 Tools from the EHMS Library

Happy Tuesday!

Last week, because of testing, I did not have time to send out a newsletter. Hopefully this weeks' tools will make up for missing! This week I am focusing more on Web 2.0 tools, and next week Apps will be in the spotlight. I hope you enjoy!
I am sure that most of you are familiar with Skype, but did you know that Skype has a site just for educators? Skype in the Classroom gives educators the opportunity to find guest speakers, special events, field trips for their classes as well as connect and collaborate with other classrooms world wide. The site also includes lesson plans and resources like videos and articles.

For my iPad users: Skype has a free App available in the App store.
Introducing Skype in the classroom
Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine. Instead of giving you website articles like a typical search engine, Wolfram Alpha provides its users with answers and verifiable information about the search topic. For example, when I searched World War II, I was presented with a timeline, a list of countries involved, people involved and related search queries. Check out the examples of topic searches from Wolfram Alpha here.

Wolfram Alpha also had an educational site that provides teachers with resources and lesson ideas for using Wolfram Alpha in the classroom. Click here to find out more.
Wolfram|Alpha in a Nutshell
Surfly is a web sharing tool that allows you to remotely share your web browser with others. It is simple to use and is a great tool for collaboration in the classroom.
Tackk is a simple tool that you and your students can use to create web content. One of the best features about Tackk is that you don't have to sign up! Classroom uses might include writing assignments, presentation tool, posting classroom assignments, projects, collaboration, and lesson planning.