genie sisters

chapter 1 the genie bottle

our class leamurra was on a excerstion and there was a gift shop and there were really cool bottle's jaymie said i want one and the woman said it was a ancient and evil then when we were riding the bus back to school and jaymie herd a noise coming from the bottle and jaymie opened it and POOF! a genie popped out and it said i will grant you a evil wish and jaymie said what and she said a normal wish.

the two other sisters

the genie said you need a limo and i said can i come and the genie said no and gove me a devilish look and i said to the bus driver go back and he said ok and i went to the lady and she said i did not listen and she said she is gonna take over jaymie and jaymie will no longer egsist and the genie had jaymie tied up outside so i let the other sisters out and POOF! they said i will grant you three wishes dont get greedy and i told them to attack there sister and then i wished for all genies to be normal humans to the 12th hour of that night they would turn back to a genie and go home but then the evil genie turned jaymie evil and duplacated herself and then i turned them to holagram.

forever human

then we hid and then it was midnight and they wernt turning back to a genie but me and jaymie and me turned to a genie but jaymie turned back .to good and we granted the two sisters but then we had to grand the evil sister wishes our she will banish us so we messed up her wishes like for example she said i want a loyal army so we got her pugs

all back to normal but almost

and she said she wanted to be a demon and the strength of all the world so we did or we will banish from egsitence then the sister's called us and they asked to be a battle angel's so we gove them stronger wepons and we made them stronger then they batteld then kassaidy ran down and i granted kassaidy's wish banished jessica and they turned back but we did not turn back then we wished for three teddy's to become genie's.and we can still grant wishes.