Career intrest

Why i was interested

The career I was interested in was a mechanic. I have wanted to be a mechanic since I saw my uncle work in his garage. After that I just loved to help work on cars and I enjoe take things apart. I enjoy getting my hands dirty.

schooling and the types of people good for this job

The type of people that would be good for the job would be people who aren't afraid to get dirty. If you want to be a mechanic you have to go though to years of schooling at the most you could go for more if wanted. You would practice fixing the heating, cooling, brakes, power drain systems , hydraulics and computer systems. MY interviewer went to universal technical institute for two years and by the sound of it every year you have go back and take another class to keep your to keep your certificate current.

An avrage day and steps to repairing also avrage salary

A typical day starts by prioritizing work or the more important. After that is finished the vehicle or piece of equipment would be brought into the shop to be repaired. Repairs can take up to a half an hour or weeks. steps to repairing.

1. verify complaint sometimes includes test drive.

2.dignose problem.

3.plan for repair.

4.figure out cost for parts labor and taxes. costumer for approval.

6.make repair.

7. give back to customer.

The most difficult part of the job is keeping up with new technology because its always changing.

average salary is 30,00 dollars to 50,00 dollars a year


thank you for listening to my presentation hope you enjoyed it