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December 9, 2015

Greetings Parents!

I can’t believe there are only 6 more days in the first semester! This has been a great semester and the staff and students at Bay Creek have accomplished so much! Huge congratulations to Ms. Miller’s students as they won 1st place in the Special Olympics Basketball! What a great achievement for her students and Bay Creek. Also this week, Ms. Duncan took a group of twelve 8th grade orchestra students to perform holiday tunes at the Governor’s Mansion while guests were taking tours. The students also had a tour of the mansion and even met Georgia’s First Lady, Mrs. Deal. This is a very prestigious accomplishment and we are so proud to have been invited to participate.

As the semester winds down, I wanted to be sure parents had a few final reminders.

  1. Final Exams will be taken in all four academic classes. Final exams cannot be taken early. However, if your child is sick and cannot take their final on the scheduled day, he or she will have an opportunity to make up the final. Academic teachers will work with students to make up the exam. A zero will be entered in the grade book until your student completes the final. If your child is unable to make up the final before December 18th, we will allow students to make up their final after break. All make up finals must be completed prior to January 15, 2016.
  2. Teachers will have all grades entered into their gradebooks by December 18th.
  3. Promotion to the next grade level is different for each grade level. I have provided a summary of the promotion criteria below. Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher or counselor if you have questions about promotion.
    a. 6th Grade: Students should pass five out of six subjects each semester. (Language Arts and Mathematics should be two of the five subjects passed.) Passing a course is determined by the student earning a grade average of no less than 70 percent each semester.
    b. 7th Grade: Seventh grade is considered a Gateway year. Students should achieve grade level proficiency on the Georgia Milestone End of Grade (EOG) Assessment in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies to earn promotion to the next grade level.
    c. 8th Grade: Students should pass five out of six subjects each semester. (Language Arts and Mathematics should be two of the five subjects passed.) Passing a course is determined by the student earning a grade average of no less than 70 percent each semester. Students will also need to achieve grade level proficiency on Georgia Milestones End of Grade (EOG) Assessment in ELA and Mathematics.
  4. Students return from winter break on January 6, 2016. Report cards will be sent home with students on January 8th along with a paper copy of your child’s milestone scores from last school year.
  5. If your child did not successfully meet all the promotion criteria for 1st semester, we will be offering an opportunity for students to attend a credit recovery class starting in February. More information will be sent to students and parents after the break regarding this class.

As we look forward to second semester, there are a few key dates to add to your calendar:

  1. Math and Science Night – January 26th @ 7:00 pm – PTSA is sponsoring a special presentation from Professor Dodad ( This event promises to be a highly engaging and entertaining night for parents and students. We will also be holding our school-wide science fair this evening.
  2. Annual Career Day – February 24, 2016 – We are currently looking for volunteers to present information about their careers to our students. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK.
    a. Milestone 411 Meeting Sponsored by PTSA on January 19, 2016 @ 6:30pm: Parents are invited to attend a meeting lead by Dr. Fehrman to review your child’s milestone report. The PTSA will be selling pizza for dinner. This is also a Big Board event for students. There will be a movie about Martin Luther King Jr. for students to watch in the music room while parents attend the meeting.
  3. School Dance Updated Dates:
    a. 6th Grade: March 18, 2016
    b. 7th Grade: February 19, 2016
    c. 8th Grade: May 13, 2016

General Reminders and Updates for all Students

  1. The building will be closed from 4 pm on December 18, 2015 through January 4, 2016.
  2. Cafeteria Charges: A reminder for parents that the charge limit for students is $10. If your child’s account is more than $10 in the negative he or she will be provided with an alternative lunch until the account is brought to good standing.

Bay Creek Communication Tools

If you are looking for ways to locate updates and upcoming events at Bay Creek, there are several different ways we will communicate with parents listed below. As the district has moved to the eCLASS platform, teachers no longer have individual webpages. As parent access is not yet available, we encourage parents to log into their child’s eCLASS page and review homework and upcoming classroom assignments.

a. The Bay Creek Web Page:

b. Like our Facebook page:

c. Download the Connect 2 Grayson App for your iPhone or Android device.

d. Sign up to receive reminders and emergency information through (Directions for can be found on the Bay Creek Web Page.)

e. View current grades and other specific individual student data through the Parent Portal. (Parent portal accounts can be obtained by completing the account form at the reception desk. Picture I.D. is required.)

Grade Level Specific Information

8th Grade

As 8th grade teachers, we have some exciting news to share. Your 8th grader will be taking a trip to Junior Achievement (JA) Finance Park Discovery Center at Discovery High School:
February 16 - R. Duncan, D. Duncan, Rivard, Dooley, Norton

February 17 - Simons, Oates, Brannon, Dacus

February 18 - Wilson, Echols, Bridwell, Smith

The Discovery Center at Discovery High School is exclusive to Gwinnett County students. Throughout this year, we have been implementing multiple financial literacy lessons into and across curriculum to prepare students for their visit to Finance Park. Students are learning everything from how to balance a budget, debit vs. credit, when to buy/lease a car, how to start a retirement fund, and all of the things we wish we'd known when embarking on the journey of financial responsibility! Our visits to the Discovery Center will be a field experience for students to put all that they've learned to the test.

Upon their arrival they will be given an iPad with an occupation, amount of debt (if any), and family size and will go from store front to store front making the financial decisions they would make on a daily basis as an adult. The field experience will be an all-day event at no cost to parents. Students will be given a Chick Fil A lunch. For more information on JA at Discovery High School, visit JA Gwinnett Center.

We do, however, need 20 volunteers to help us with our visit to the Discovery Center. As a volunteer, you would need to arrive at Discovery High School at 8 am for training and would lead our students through the various storefront simulations as they learn to navigate financial responsibility. You will also be given a Chick Fil-A lunch at no cost to you. This is a great way for us to cultivate community here at Bay Creek so our students can hear from real adults about finances.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Lisa Bolt at 678-344-7162. She will gather your information and direct you to a link where you can sign up through Junior Achievement. Thank you so much for all of your support!


Ms. Johnson and a select group of her Marketing students participated in a Marketing event with the Atlanta Hawks last Friday, December 4 at the Phillip's Arena. The students submitted a promotional marketing plan promoting an upcoming Hawks game. Even though our students were not one of the top 3 finalists, we are proud to say our students’ really shined.

Bay Creek was one of the two only middle schools that competed in this event. Students also heard from several motivational speakers who shared information about what marketing jobs entail. In addition, the members participated in an impromptu marketing activity to win $500. This was a great event for our Marketing students. Justice Sconiers even got to greet the Atlanta Hawks and do some rebounding on the court. We also want to thank Dr. Telly Brannon for helping to chaperone this event.


The BCMS Student Tech Club meetings have ended for first semester. Our next meeting will be held Tuesday, January 19, 2016. Please click here for the upcoming meeting dates.

Media Center

Stop by the Media Center and see it decorated for the holidays, complete with displays on Hanukkah, Christianity, and Kwanzaa. Also on display are our recent book orders, and the Holocaust Trunk Project.

Reminder, next Thursday is the last day to turn in the Read Your Colors gold form for our reading celebration scheduled for January. Any books read over the break will count toward the 2nd semester Celebration

Counselors’ Corner

Spending time with children is more important than spending money on children.

Anthony Douglas Williams


We need your help! The PTSA is spreading holiday cheer for the staff at Bay Creek and will be hosting a Holiday Dessert Bar on December 18th. We are looking for parents to sign up and bring in sweet treats for the staff to enjoy. A link will be sent out to parents to sign up to bring in a donation for the dessert bar on December 18th. Donations can be dropped off the afternoon on December 17th or in the morning on December 18th.


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