The top 10 companies of 2015

Top 10 companies of 2015

The best products of 2015

Xbox one

It's great product because u can play online with your friends on Xbox one and Xbox 360. Any new games comes down it goes to Xbox one first then Xbox 360. And it comes with a new games like FIFA 16 or Black of duty ops III


It's great product because a lot of people buy this game and the highest sales, 75% of the American people buy this game, but its not only her in America of whole over the world too. And it has a cool graphic , it seems really like you are watching a real soccer game. You could play multiplier whit your friends or online.

The worst products of 2015

Chemical Fertilizers

Those are the worst products because it damage to our water supply and plants, when it rains, runoff goes straight into storm-drains, and untreated water is dumped into rivers, streams, and the ocean. This causes an imbalance in delicate water ecosystems, killing fish and degrading water quality. That's why we find a lot of dead fish. and there is 55% of the fish find dead on the beaches because of the chemical Fertilizer.


It's a good company but they produce the worst products of 2015, First there computers or laptops doesn't have windows 9 or 10. And it's easy for viruses to get into the computer

The best movies of 2015

Terminator genisys

This is the best action movie of 2015 because they bright back Jason Clarke and Arnold Schwarzenegger . And it got me into this movie that, there is a lot of fighting shooting and the best part of the movie when John canners tries to kill his parents in the end.

Mall Cop 2

The best comedy movie of 2015 because they bright back Kevin James and David Henry. For me , seen I came to USA the first movie I watch it was Mall Cop 1 and i' m so excited to watch Mall cop 2

The best two musical artists of 2015


He is the best rapper who raps about life. His songs are inspiring and cannot be hated best rapper/singer of 2015. His last song "Phenomenal" got 16,968,365 views and published 3 months ago

Jackie Evancho

She is a singer who gained wide recognition at an early age. She is in first place of the top 10 Biggest Female singers of 2015 that's because of her last song " All of the stars".