By Peter Caldwell

Bret Caldwell

This Smore is all about heroes and what they do. Below are all the things hero based that I created. My personal hero, Bret Caldwell, is a great person and fits my definition of a hero. Click below to hear more about him.

What I Belive A Hero Is

Peter Caldwell

Hero Essay


A hero is someone flying around wearing a cape and saving people, right? A hero could be classified as this but they could also be many other things. A hero is someone who helps others. It could be someone who steps out of there way to do something as simple as tying your shoes. The thing that matters is that they did it.

A hero is someone who puts others before themselves. They are the ones to stand up, in order for others to be able sit down. Imagine a father coming home from a long hard day of work. They had plenty of stress already and all they want to do is relax. They go to work because they want to be able to give you food and any other needs you have. They go to work so you don't have to work. But instead of lying down and taking a break from their strenuous situation, they decide to drive you to your volleyball practice. This person helps you get what you need and considers you higher than him. Even though this person is in a tough situation they want to do all they can to make you feel better and help you.

A hero is someone who you look up to, and will not disappoint you. You just finished getting home from a long day of school. You just had two tests and a paper due that day. You couldn't understand anything the teachers were saying and have tons of homework. You don't know what to do and are having a lot of stress. Your neighbor James, is more than happy to help you with your school work when you asked him to help you. You have always looked up to your neighbor because you want to be a scientist just like him. You are always so interested in what he does, and admire him. He helps you with everything you need and more. He wants to make sure you feel better and will do all he can to help you. You want to be just like him when you grow up. This shows that your uncle is someone you you look up to because he helps you when you need it the most. He tried all he could to help with your homework and whatever you needed and is the person who you know will help you with it. Your uncle is stepping out of his way to help you, and is someone who you can look up to. As you can see, someone who you look up to is a hero because they will help you when you need it.

One can see a hero can be an everyday person such as a father or your neighbor. A hero could be anyone that is willing to help help you or make you look up to them. A hero isn't just someone with superpowers. You must be willing to put other people before yourself, as well as be someone who they can look up to, making you help them to in order qualify as a hero. Remember a time when you helped someone in any way. Small acts like that could make you a big hero to them and change their day. There will always be heroes in the world, but they won't all look or be the same.

The Man That Helped Our Nation

I believe a hero is someone who steps out of their way to help others. A hero is someone who you can always look up to. Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth president of the United States. He was an overachiever and loved education. He played a big role in the abolition of slavery Lincoln fits my description of a hero through freeing slaves and working.

Abraham Lincoln is a hero for putting other people before him and doing what is right for the country. Lincoln had many contributions for bettering America but one of his major ones was Abolishing slavery. Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation and agreed to help all current slaves achieve their freedom. Signing the Emancipation Proclamation made Abraham Lincoln put slavery freedom before him by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation. He believed it was the right thing for everyone to be equal even if other people thought differently about the subject making him look bad to them.

My Untouchable Hero and my Personal Hero are similar by both being people you can look up to. As stated in the biography in context about Abraham Lincoln, “While most pioneers collapsed in physical exhaustion after dark, knowing that tomorrow promised only another backbreaking day of toil, Lincoln chose to drive himself to improve his mind, reading, studying and ciphering by the fireside long into the night.” This shows that Abraham Lincoln is hardworking and determined. I believe that My Personal Hero is also hardworking and determined. He found many interests in academic work and loved to do extra curricular activities such as acting. My Untouchable Hero and my Personal Hero no both meet the criteria of being a person that you could look up to.

My Untouchable Hero is truly motivational in my life for the reason of being a head working president. He had a plethora of outstanding achievements making him a person you can look up to. Abraham Lincoln also inspires me by putting our nation before him. In conclusion Abraham Lincoln was a great president but even a better hero.

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