Ellie Cushman

Where do people live in Canada? Why?

People in Canada live mostly near the U.S. - Canada border. New Bruswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewen, and British Colombia are the provinces bordering the U.S. There are two main reasons that people live near the U.S. - Canada border. One reason is trading. There are not many tariffs on the goods that get shipped. Another reason is because of climate. In west of Canada there are temperatures such as -17c and -11c. They also have natural resources such as petroleum, natural gas, oil, hydroelectric power, uranium, and chemicals.


Environmental issues of Canada.

Acid rain killed a lot of wildlife, mostly fish. It also spread a lot of pollution. The Great Lakes are an important resource for water. So when acid rain got in the Great Lakes, people couldn't get any resources out of them. South of Canada was mostly affected. 50% - 75% came from the U.S.

mining is the biggest industry inn Canada. Canada has a large deposit of gold, silver, zinc, copper, and uranium.

About half of Canada's land is covered by forests. The timber industry would have to cut down to many to get to the one they need.Them cutting down the trees affected the wildlife that live there.




Labeled Map of Canada

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