Representing audio as binary

All about audio as binary

What is sampling?

Sampling is where the computer samples the audio wave all the way around it. If you have a sampling rate of 1 second then you wouldn't be able to recognized the music because the computer will sample at one second and then join up the samples to try and compress the sound but because the gaps between samples are very big then it is a very rough estimate of what the actual music will sound like. If your sample rate is lot smaller the better the quality of your final piece. Samples are showed in samples per second but if you have a higher rate then it will be shown in Hertz.

What effect does sampling have on size and quality?

This effects the size because generally the smaller your sample rate then the bigger the file but it does sometimes really make a difference because some files will be bigger. However the higher your sample rate does affect the quality of your piece because it means you can sample more of the music and that means your final piece will be closer the original.

What is bit rate?

Bit rate is the rate of compression to compress the file and the higher the bit rate the better quality the file is. however if you have a low bit rate the quality wont be in your file. This is because there are more bits used to represent the same audio file for each second of playback.

What effect does bit rate have on size and quality?

This effects the quality and size of the file because the higher the bit rate then the better the quality and the bigger the file. because the quality is better it will have had to use more bits to represent the same audio file and therefore make the file a bigger size but in turn give you a better quality.

How can audio be represented as binary?

Basically the binary on and off system comes in here because when ever there is a silence in the audio then that is represented as a 0 and whenever there is noise it is represented as a 1. That is just the basics because it can go into different bit numbers like 01010 and so on but that its it at its simplest form.