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What does a physician do?

Physicans are also known as doctors. One of their main jobs is to help ease the physical and mental suffering of their customers caused by injuries. They also diagnose medical diseases. If a person is not feeling well, the physician would check them out and diagnose a disease. Physicians prevent further medical problems in patients. Their main goal is to help people feel and live better.

How does being a physican benefit the society?

Being a physician rids the society of disease. They prescribe medicine that gets rid of diseases. They also help people with their injuries which makes everyone in the society feel better.

What are education requirements?

If you are considering becoming a physician, you will need to take the following classes: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre- Calculus, English, Computer Science, Statistics, Physiology, and Biomedical Science. Also while in college, you will take 3-8 years of residency and internship put together.

What kind of personality do you need for this job?

You will need to have good physical and emotional stamina, focus, empathy, be able to be calm during emergencies, good communication skills, and enjoy interacting with other people. Your personality will need to be like this to be a successful physician.

What is the annual salary of a physician?

The average annual salary of a physician is 183, 170 dollars. This is over three times the average salary in America. The average salary of an American is 45, 230 dollars per year. A physician makes a large amount of money compared to an average American.

What is the projected job growth of a physician?

A physicians job growth is little to no change. It is negative two percent to two percent change in the next seven years. This means that there are not going to be very many more physician jobs added or subtracted. It is a fairly steady job if you can get ahold of it.

What are some companies that would hire a physician?

Some companies that would hire a physician is Medlmme, Medtronic, Veterans, and Administration.