Valley High School Mimes!

Many students participate in Mimes.

Mimes is open for any Valley High School student. We perform two official shows a year, plus various smaller shows around the community. The two annual shows are the Fall Nite o' Mime, and Spring Nite o' Mime. Our troupe is known for its mix of traditional mime technique and topical subject matter, practicing what is known as pantomime. "The Baker's Dozen performs in Valley High School's filled Performing Arts Center. Each show consists of about 20 skits, some comedies and others carrying important and meaningful messages. The shows also include the "Storybook" segment, in which the mimes use satire to poke fun at current events within the school and around the world. All skits performed are written by members of The Baker's Dozen and are then rehearsed for a week before the show, as lighting and sound is worked into every skit. Each member writes skits and votes on the skits in order to make the highest quality show for the audience."


Mimes Always practices and performs at the Performing Art Center in Valley High School. We do occasionally have shows that are performed outside the Performing Arts Center. We play in Clive Festival's Kids Corner and other locations in the Des Moines Area

Some Mime plays

Valley High School Mimes

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