By: Julia M Period 2

What's The Problem?

Many fish species will go extinct if we do not take action.
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Overfishing - The consequences


  • 52% of fish stocks are fully exploited
  • 20% are moderately exploited
  • 17% are overexploited
  • 7% are depleted
  • 1% are recovering from depletion
  • 25% of fish are overexploited or depleted


  • The ocean is losing species and whole ecosystems due to overfishing
  • We may lose valuable food sources
  • Damaged systems can still be active if we act on it now
  • In 1989 90 million tons (metric tons) of catch were taken from the ocean
  • Some large fish populations collapsed already

What Can We Do?

  • If we limit the amount of fishing we can save may fish species and keep the ocean beautiful.
  • Limit the pollution in the ocean
  • Keep trash out of the ocean